Macho Man Randy Savage
Commodore 64
Rock 'n Wrestle C64
Rock'n Wrestle
Commodore 64 - 1985
Melbourne House

"Rock'n Wrestle - the first truly
3 dimensional combat sports simulation
game. Dynamic graphics, state-of-the-art
animation, one and two player mode,
brilliant gameplay, 10 different opponents
and complete rock sound track.
More joystick moves than you imagined
possible - over 25 - including the atomic
drop, aeroplane spin, piledriver, body
slam, back breaker, arm twist, elbow drop
and turnbuckle fly. Rock'n Wrestle - the
challenge begins here."

RetroMO sagt:
"Rock'n Wrestle ist für mich das coolste
und beste Wrestling-Game auf dem C64.
Für 1985 gab es bereits tolle Details,
wie z.B. die unterschiedlichen Wrestler.
Sehr funky der pinke YMCA-Gay Man ;-)"
Rock'n Wrestle