Macho Man Randy Savage
Amstrad CPC 464
Rock 'n Wrestle C64
Rock'n Wrestle
Amstrad / CPC Schneider - 1986
Melbourne House

"Rock'n Wrestle has that extra dimension
of depth. When Flying Eagle leaps from
the top ropes it is one of the most ex-
citing moves I have seen yet in any Game.
Super sophisticated, a Game that can
be played time and time again. Rock'n
Wrestle is one of the first 3D sports
simulations that allows you to make 25
different moves."

RetroMO sagt:
"Grafisch ist die Amstrad / CPC Schneider
Version deutlich besser als die C64
Konkurrenz. Aber der Spiel-Spaß-Faktor
auf dem Brotkasten ist cooler!"

Rock'n Wrestle