Macho Man Randy Savage
SEGA Mega Drive
Rock 'n Wrestle C64
Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden
SEGA Mega Drive - 1992
Human Entertainment - T-43013

"Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden is
a Japan-exclusive Sega Mega Drive
professional wrestling video game.
This is the only game in the Fire Pro
Wrestling series to be released for
that system. The game features an
"Exciting" mode that allows players to
take on each other, an elimination mode
where ten chosen wrestlers compete to
win, and a handicap mode where one
wrestler must take on two opponents."
Quelle: Wikipedia

RetroMO sagt:
"Human Entertainment lässt sich nicht
lumpen und spendiert auch einer SEGA
Konsole eine Fire Pro Wrestling Version.
Ich als alter Mega Drive Fan finde es toll!"
Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden