Macho Man Randy Savage
Commodore Amiga 500
Rock 'n Wrestle C64
American Tag Team Wrestling
Commodore Amiga - 1993
Zeppelin Games Limited

"Incredibly realistic ring action feat. a line
up of the World's best Tag Team Stars,
makes American Tag Team Wrestling
the ultimate Wrestling Simulation!
Featuring: One or Two Player Options, Full
USA Tag Team Wrestling Rules, Enjoy-
able Joystick controlled Gameplay based
on skilful use of Wrestler Energy, Multi-
Star Team Selection, All of the official
Wrestling Moves, Realistic Ring Action,
World Champion Tournament Options,
Multiple Rounds, Grudge Bouts, Referee
Decisions and lots. losts more!"

RetroMO sagt:
"OMG! Ähm Hallo? Ist das wirklich die
Beschreibung zu American Tag Team
Wrestling? Also ich glaube eher nicht :-/
Das Game ist echt übel und mußte das
wirklich noch Anno 1993 sein?"
American Tag Team Wrestling