Macho Man Randy Savage
Nintendo Super Famicom
Rock 'n Wrestle C64
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special
Nintendo Super Famicom - 1994
Human - SHVC-P-AP4J(JPN)

"Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special was only
released in Japan as a part of the Fire Pro
Wrestling series. This is the second game
ever created with contribution from Goichi
Suda. Its controversial ending, which
consisted of the main character killing
himself after the realization that he was
only wrestling to fight off depression, was
also evident of Suda's unique approach to
video game design and heavy storytelling.
Quelle: Wikipedia

RetroMO sagt:
"Was für ein trauriges Ende! Der Haupt-
darsteller bringt sich am Schluß um!
Er wollte wahrscheinlich einfach keinen
weiteren Super Fire Pro Wrestling Teil
mehr von Human erleben..."
Super Fire Pro Wrestling Special